May 22, 2024


E-commerce/Online Store Set Up And Training In Sydney

This package includes face-to-face online store set up and training for operating the store


Venue: Liverpool


Students will have to purchase a theme, SSL certificate and a domain name separately. No other store related costs are included in the training fees.

This Bigcommerce course in Sydney is for business owners and anyone interested in understanding how to use the Bigcommerce E-commerce platform for their online business.

This course is “hands on”, working with the backend and frontend of Bigcommerce exploring the structure, navigation, modules, themes, and promotions. Students will also learn how to set up their own online store.

Why attend E-commerce training with Webstoreinfo ?

  • We have been operating stores built on Bigcommerce and Ebay. We are actual sellers, so, we know the practical and real life aspects of operating an online store. Whatever we say or do are all tested.
  • The objective of this course is to set up a fully operating COMPLETE online store. There will be no additional fees if we take more hours in the process of making your store.

Course content

This e-commerce training course covers the following topics:

  • Registering domain name and business email.
  • Setting up all the features of online store- as stated on this article.
  • Setting up marketing features of online store- as stated on this article.
  • Listing products
  • Setting up accounting and invoicing.
  • Setting up store theme.
  • Making a list of subscribers
  • Creating email templates.
  • Tips for increasing sale

Course delivery

Delivery of this E-commerce training course will occur over one day (6 hours) as face to face mode. Participants will have a fully operating online store at the end of the course.

If the allocated time is not sufficient, we will either stay more hours or continue next day at no additional fees.

Course outcomes

Upon completion of this e-commerce training course, participants should be able to:

  • operate their own online stores.
  • should be able to use all the features offered by an online store.

Preparation before attending the training:

  • Choose a Bigcommerce theme that you want to set up. Don’t pay for the theme. Just bookmark.
  • Get an ABN, register a business name and buy a domain name.

Additional cost for students:

  • Optional Theme: US $200. There are several free themes available. A premium theme costs around US $200. We don’t sell themes, you can buy it from Bigcommerce store or from a third party company.
  • Optional SSL certificate: There is a free basic encryption SSL certificate issued for all the stores. If you want to purchase a strong encryption SSL certificate, you will have to pay US$59 (for Bigcommerce). This is optional.
  • Optional apps: If you store needs any specific features like chatting, there will be extra fees depending upon the features you want to add
  • Monthly fees: If you go for the standard version, it will cost you US $29.95/month and if you go for PLUS version, it will cost you US $79.95/month

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