Set up a photo studio

Either you sell your own original products or resell products from other companies/manufacturer. In either cases, you need to display the photos of products you are going to sell.  If you are reselling products purchased from other companies, you may get the well shot photos from your supplier. If don’t get the photos, you will have to shoot them.

You need to display a set of photos that should be clear, informative and should reveal its size and shape. So, it does not matter if you shoot using your smart phone or a dedicated DSLR camera.

These days, most of the online store owners have photos with white background, so, it’s recommended that you also follow the same path.

You can take these steps to set up your photography table or spot:

1. Keep your cameras and lights ready: It would be easier and efficient if you could set up a spot for taking photos of your products so that you can simply take photos whenever you want. You can keep your cameras, lights and all other kits ready. Check out this Photography Studio Set up

2. Automatically sync to Google Photos or Flickr: It would be more efficient if you could transfer the photos automatically to your computer. There are apps that upload your photos directs to Google Photos and Flickr.  You can do this if you are shooting with your smart phone. These days there sophisticated camera with WIFI connection, so, you should be able to transfer all your photos with ease.

3. Get a reliable photo editor: You can purchase Photoshop  to edit your photos. You can buy Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 at Amazon

4. Organize and store your photos: You may need all your photos again and again to use on your blogs or display them on a combination of products. So, make sure that you organise the photos properly. You can get a subscription on Flickr, Google Photos or organise in a hard drive. You can check out a 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive.