Shipping is one of the important tasks in operating your online store. If it is not organised properly, it will take most of your time . While packing, shipping and handling orders you need to have some tools that will make your job a lot easier. As your business grows, you will need a lot of things and it depends upon the product you are selling. The list just keeps on increasing.

You need to remember two points before spending money on anything.

Rule 1: Is the item you are thinking to buy really needed ? Can you get a second hand/ a used one ? For example, if you need a computer table or a packing desk, you don’t need a new one.

Rule 2: If buying anything saves your time and space and helps you organise your business, you should spend money on that. Here is a real story: For 2 years, I used the normal printer to print the addresses of my customers. I used to cut the papers and stick the addresses using adhesives and tapes. If I had initially purchased a DYMO LabelWriter 450 , I would have saved several hours.  DYMO LabelWriter 450 helps print address labels quite easily. It does not require ink or cartridge. 

We will divide this article into two topics:

  • Packing, shipping and handling
  • Stationery items to operated the store smoothly

For packing the ordered items, you would need:

  • A packing table/desk: The size of desk completely depends upon the type of products you are selling.  You should have enough space to pack your orders.
  • Shelves: You will need shelves for storing your items.
  • Zip Lock bags: You can buy zip locks on Ebay in different sizes. Buy the one that suits your products the most.
  • Bubble Wraps: Bubble wraps will protect the shipping items. For fragile items, it should be essentially used.
  • Shipping boxes of different sizes: If your items are in different shapes and sizes, then, you would need shipping boxes to suit those items. You can buy boxes in bulk quantity on Ebay.
  • Transparent Blister packaging: Blister packaging are transparent plastic boxes. This might be useful for manufacturers who want to sell their products to retailers.

  • Box Tapes:Box Tapes are needed for sealing shipping boxes.

Stationery items: You should buy pens, papers, ruler, scissors, post it notes, white boards, markers, folders, book shelves.


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