How to list products to your store

I like to make categories before listing a product because once a product is listed without organising them to its category, we will have to go back to the product page to set a category to it. If we list hundreds of products without making categories, we may have to go to all the product pages again to set their categories. Therefore, make categories first.

Before listing a product, you should gather these information about your product:

  • Product name
  • Type of product- Physical or downloadable
  • Product price
  • Bulk buying discount
  • Unique Product code
  • Stock quantity- how many do you have ?
  • Stock alert quantity- for example, if the product quantity goes below 2, you will get a notification.
  • Any other product option- for example, different color, size, etc.
  • Category of the product
  • Good Photos
  • Description
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Any ‘How to Use’ tutorial or related videos
  • Any related documents or manual
  • Related products
  • Fixed shipping cost or order cost
  • Best search engine optimization(SEO) text
  • Shipping method- Free, fixed rate per item or shipping fee per order.

Check out the video to know how a product is listed in Bigcommerce. Most of the store platforms have similar listing method.

Don’t miss these points on the product description:

Your product description should be so clear that no customer should ever call you and ask you anything about the product. So, don’t miss these information:

  • What are included in the package ?
  • How long will it take to deliver the order ?
  • How long will you take to ship the package ?
  • Where are you shipping from?
  • Display a video or a tutorial to use the product.
  • What are features of the product ?
  • How to get bulk discount ?
  • If it is out of stock, when will the product be back in stock ?
  • Display related products.
  • Give a link to returns policy.
  • Give links to any software or manual, if you are selling any product of such categories.

I have found a video about writing a product description: