Email template ideas for online store operators

It’s good to avoid email communication as much as possible so that you can focus on your business. There are few questions that most of the customers ask you frequently. In that case, it’s good to create email templates and send them whenever needed.

    You need to make email templates with answers to these questions from the customers:

  • Where can I see my tracking code  ? We have written an article about tracking parcels. Please read the article. Make sure you that you send emails to your customers as soon as the order is shipped. In some online store platforms, there is text box where you can enter the tracking code. 
  • I have not received my package yet, when will I get it ?
  • Where can I find tutorial for the item I have purchased ?
  • Can I come to pick up ?
  • How long does it take to ship to my country ? And how much does it cost ?
  • When will the item be in stock again ?

You may get some other questions also. All you have to do is create a gmail account and make email templates. Watch the following video to make your own email templates:

You can use Gmail to send emails with your business email IDs. Check this out: