How to register a business name and a matching domain or website name

Even country in the world has a database of business names. In some countries, it can be accessed by anyone and in some countries, only some authorized bodies can have access. In most cases, it can be checked online. For example, in Australia, there is a website called ABN lookup, where you can find out basic information about any business and find out if the business name you are thinking has been already taken or not. For example, if you type a business name ‘BUILDCIRCUIT’, the website will display some information like it Australian Business Number (ABN), where it is located and whether the business is active or not.

In Australia, you need to get an ABN first and then only you can apply for a business name. It is highly recommended that you check the availability of business name and domain name at the same time. If you are sure that both the domain name and business name are available, you should register for both without any delay.

Go to the links below to find out how to register a business name in your country.

  1. Australia- Registering a business name and getting an ABN in Australia . You can apply for an ABN here.
  2. New Zealand- Register a business name in New Zealand
  3. United States- Register a business name in the United States
  4. United Kingdom- Register a business name in the United Kingdom
  5. Canada- Register a business name in Canada
  6. India- Register a business name in India
  7. Finland- Register a business name in Finland

After registering your business name and business number, buy domain names (both .com and with country code, for example,,,etc.) matching with the business name. You can buy .com domain names from any companies like or Most of the .com domain name cost you just US$1.

While registering a domain name, the registrar will ask if you would like to pay for privacy. You can do that if you want to hide your email and phone number.

After having a business name, you can purchase a domain name with country code (for example,,, etc.) from any local web hosting provider.

In Australia, you can buy a domain name with extension, from crazydomains. You can buy from other sellers also.

You can check the availability of domain names at or Namevine shows the availability of names on youtube, facebook, twitter and all other social media platforms. In the example below, when I typed ‘buildcircuit’, displayed the availability of pages and domain names matching to ‘buildcircuit’

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